CBHS Emoya Youth Ambassadors Video – Oct ’17

In July 2016 Drew Goldie and Sebastian Byrnes, currently Grade 8 learners at Camps Bay High School, had the privilege of being accepted onto the Volunteer Programme at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, Limpopo.

As volunteers, they helped take care of all the big cats. Emoya is currently home to 39 lions, 2 Siberian Tigers and 4 Meerkats. 29 of the lions were rescued by Animal Defenders International from lives of hell after suffering terrible abuse in various circuses and zoos in South America.

In July 2017 Drew and Sebastian volunteered again and were involved with some veterinary procedures during their recent visit. This is an experience not many kids could be a part of and they were very priviledged to see these big cats up close and very personal. Emoya is also a working farm with sheep and is situated on the the Bahati Estate which is also home to Plains Game like Kudu, Zebra, Impala, Inyala, Giraffe and Warthog.

“What an incredible pleasure to have gotton to know these two kids. We have asked them to become the #EmoyaYouthAmbassadors. Their main goal to being to reach out to their peers & other kids… inspiring, teaching, educating about the plight of our wildlife”

Minunette Heuser, Co-Founder of Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary (www.emoya.org.za)

Warm Regards

Drew Goldie and Sebastian Byrnes
Emoya Youth Ambassadors
Cape Town, South Africa


Instagram : emoya.youth.ambassadors

Download their latest video (MP4 video format, 6 Mb) from the CBHS Flickr website [here].

Download their previous video (36 Mb)  [here].

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