Parent liaisons are parent members who work in the school to serve as a communication link between home and school.
The School Governing Body deals with strategic planning for the School, infrastructure development and financial management.

School Governing Body

Camps Bay High School is governed by the School Governing Body (SGB). This is an elected group of parents, senior pupils, academic staff, support staff and the principal. The parents are at all times in the majority on the SGB. This body deals with strategic planning for the School, infrastructure development and financial management. Some of their specific functions include, determining the annual school fees, the school Code of Conduct and the school uniform and general dress code.

The composition of the elected members is:

7 x Parents of pupils who attend our school;

2 x Teaching Staff representatives;

2 x Pupil representatives from the RCL (Representative Council of Learners);

1 x Support Staff representative;

Other interested parties who hold the best interests of the school at heart can be co-opted onto the SGB as and when needed;

The School Principal is automatically a member of the SGB.

At Camps Bay High the SGB has a long and proud tradition of attracting parents who are highly skilled and able to offer their time and expertise to the school. From this very active and involved group of governors the school has been able to achieve a number of ambitious projects over the last few years. These include infrastructure projects like building a brand new swimming pool, building new classrooms and a cultural centre. Other special projects that the governors have co-ordinated include re-writing the school Code of Conduct and collecting thousands of books for our school library as well as the libraries of other schools in our area.

The Governors for 2018/19 are:
Mr. Colin Harvey (Chairman)
Mr. Werner Thetard (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Brian Williams (Treasurer)
Ms. Michelle Harvey
Ms. Janine Thetard
Ms. Wendy Foster
Ms. Amanda Tobias
Mr. Sergio Yesca
Mr. Juma Makwela
Mr. David de Korte
Mr. Louis Mostert
Ms. Janet Burger
Mr. Victor van Heerden
Mr. Alten Hulme (Co-opted member)
Ms. Lynette Olivier (Co-opted member)
Ms. Carol van der Spuy (Co-opted member)
Ms. Thimna Tibisono (Head Prefect)
Mr. Caleb Thetard (Deputy Head Prefect)
Mr. Ben Heather-Clark (Deputy Head Prefect)
Ms. Katelyn Harvey (Chairperson of the Representative Council of Learners).

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